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Something Special About School

We avail all opportunities to showcase the talent of the students and to encourage them to be confident, proactive and multi-skilled besides their pursuit of the academic curriculum.We feel we have many more milestones to cross. Success is not a destination it is a journey, which never ends. It is a way of life. If we at the school can teach the children this way of life, then we feel,as educators, we have put them on the right course.


It is universally accepted that education is the real key to development. Prosperity is inconceivable without enlightened and knowledgeable citizens. The shape of Indian society in the twenty first century depends on how we gear up our educational system. Policy makers, community leaders and citizens in general have to put their heads together to find ways and means in educational endeavor for sustained development of the nation to meet global challenges ahead. Shri Guru Nanak Dev Academy, Batala  is moving in this direction.



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